Weight Loss Guide: 5 No-No’s for Bicycle Riders

Whether you’re a first-timer on a city bike or a seasoned triathlete on a roadie, these few points should be avoided if you want to achieve that ideal fitness level while still having lots of fun:

Skipping meals will burn more fat

Most cyclists these days prefer hitting the road or nearby trails early to avoid the morning rush. If you are a seasoned cyclist, you would know better that leaving the house without even eating a slice of bread will not necessarily help you lose those stubborn fats.

Although, studies have shown that skipping breakfast or any other meals prior your exercise will allow your body to burn glycogen and stored fats. On the flip side, other people feel weak, dizzy and lightheaded due to the decrease in their sugar levels which often results to reduced performance (and less fat-burning), which is actually contrary to what you aim for.

Perhaps the most sensible approach to this is to evaluate your current condition and consider factors such as age, health, medical history, fitness level and the type of exercise you are about to engage. This way, you can decide whether to eat a bit prior jumping on your bike and hitting the road or trail.

Less water will do the trick

Do not ever attempt to do this. Your body needs the appropriate volume of water prior your exercise for maximum performance. Less water intake has no direct effect on weight loss. Drink ample amount of water before and after your exercise to avoid any conditions such as dizziness and worse, dehydration. You wouldn’t want to collapse on the road, right?

More cycle time is better

This is not necessarily true. A lot of cyclists aim for that long distance stint – usually a minimum of 100 kilometers within 8 hours – often dubbed as a ‘Century Ride’. Yes, it’s cool, awesome, and ‘hardcore’ but it’s not for everyone. Exercising for long hours can cause fatigue especially for new cyclists. One good way to start is to try a good 30-60min session at home or outdoors. Do this 3-4x a week rather than choosing that 100km one-time sprint. Eventually, you will increase your cycle time as your fitness level improves. But for now, take it slow and be consistent!

Sleep is for the weak

Depriving yourself from a good 7-8 hour sleep negates the total positive benefits you’ll get from a good diet and exercise. Lack of sleep also increases your cortisol level – the stress hormone that acts as a stimulus for you to want more food. So unless you want to become part of the lethargic flesh-eating horde during a zombie apocalypse, take a good rest so you you’ll feel energized and ready for your daily dose of pedal-sessions the next day.

Just Pedal. No room for fun.

There’s nothing more awesome than having fun while achieving that perfect fitness level! So before you decide to purchase that stationary cycling machine, consider buying a mountain bike (MTB) or road bike (roadie). Either of these 2 bikes will give you the satisfaction of seeing great sights and meeting new people rather than pedalling inside your room while watching television.