Vegan Men Are Sexier

Vegan men can boast that they are scientifically sexier than omnivore males! It has been known for quite a while that smell plays a major role in sexual attraction. However, according to a recent faculty research study conducted at Charles University in Prague, vegan men emit a more sexually enticing scent than males who consume meat. The study was described in the National Center for Biotechnology Information as follows:

Seventeen male odor donors were on “meat” or “nonmeat” diet for 2 weeks wearing axillary pads to collect body odor during the final 24 hours of the diet. Fresh odor samples were assessed for their pleasantness, attractiveness, masculinity, and intensity by 30 women not using hormonal contraceptives. We repeated the same procedure a month later with the same odor donors, each on the opposite diet than before. Results of repeated measures analysis of variance showed that the odor of donors when on the nonmeat diet was judged as significantly more attractive, more pleasant, and less intense. This suggests that red meat consumption has a negative impact on perceived body odor hedonicity.

Although this study at Charles University is one of the first organized research studies to be conducted on the topic of vegan sexuality, many authors, behavior analysts, dieticians, and other professionals have long claimed that vegans make better lovers. Vegans do generally have more energy, lower BMIs, fresher breath, and more radiant skin as a result of eating a plant based diet. Further, polls have revealed that vegans and vegetarians are more confident about their physical appearances than omnivores. Since experts say that sex is 90% psychological, it only stands to reason that non-meat eaters make superior lovers.

If you remain unconvinced of vegan males’ superior sexiness, then consider scientific research from the Erectile Dysfunction Institute which shows that eating meat is one of the most common causes for male impotence. Meat clogs up arteries leading to all organs, lowers sperm count, and decreases sperm life. Further, meat eaters have 13 percent less testosterone than vegans on average. After all, cows which produce milk and meat are repeatedly injected with hormonal growth formulas that are full of estrogen. Vegan men are literally manlier than omnivore males because they don’t consume estrogen via meat, dairy and eggs and, therefore, retain higher levels of testosterone throughout their lives.

Next time your male friends balk at salad, vegetables, and fruits, let them know that the manliest men go vegan!