Using Meditation For Personal Growth

For centuries, meditation was used, is still in use and will continue to be used by many people in search of their inner selves and inner saints, of peace and quiet in body and mind, of awareness and attention to their environment. Indeed, it is time that you, too, apply the benefits of meditation to advance your lifelong quest for personal growth. However, before you do so, it is important that you acquire as much knowledge as you possibly can about meditation. After all, you want to gain optimal benefits from meditation, of which education will start you on the right path.

Definition of Meditation

Generally speaking, meditation is a mental discipline whereby your body and mind becomes attuned to each other and to the environment, hence, creating deeper self-awareness. In turn, your personal growth is promoted simply because you are more in touch with, more in tune to, and more in control of your inner self, which drives virtually everything that you perform in this life.

Although the popular notion we have of meditation is one of yogis in various states of body contortions, and various stages of mind awareness, the reality is simpler. You can mediate virtually anywhere, anytime! You will need practice, of course, to do so but the benefits are well worth the time and effort expended in learning the techniques of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

Medical science has uncovered the physical benefits of meditation. These benefits include lowering blood pressure and slowing down breathing, both of which significantly contribute to an enhanced state of physical relaxation. Meditation has also been shown to improve the immune system, thus, leading to the ability of greater resistance to diseases and stress. And let’s face it – the better your physical health, the better you can pursue personal growth!

On the mental side, meditation makes it possible to tune in to your inner self and, hence, tap into the power that lies in each one of us. Yes, we are all pods of a powerful God, pods that we can harness to promote personal growth with the welfare of others in mind. Indeed, when you meditate, you promote a clearer mind and a healthier body, both of which are requisites for personal growth to commence onward and forward. And the best part – it is completely free and safe to apply in everyday life!

Tips in Meditation for Beginners

Lest you become intimidated with the popular images of meditation as a complex process, be reassured that you can start meditating with just these simple tips.

* Start out with a simple meditation technique, which often means the most comfortable at your level. The purpose of meditation is to make you as relaxed as possible, not tense with apprehension at the complexity of the process. For example, you can assume a relaxed sitting position in a quiet room, take deep abdominal breaths to relax your body, and just focus on your breathing to clear your mind.

* Start with doable periods of time. Although 30 minutes daily is ideal for personal growth purposes, it may not be possible in your busy life. Instead, you can deliberately set aside 5 minutes of your time each day for meditation and stick to it.

* Sustain your efforts by finding ways to center yourself. You can listen to music if it relaxes you. You must acknowledge wayward thoughts and then let them go. You must go with the flow instead of struggling against meditation. You must relax if and when things do not go your way while meditating since there is plenty of time yet.

Most important of all, you must be open towards the limitless possibilities that meditation offers towards personal and professional growth. Indeed, meditation requires that you check in your skepticism at the door! Do so and you will reap the benefits of meditation in your life.

In conclusion, meditation is an excellent way to get in touch with your inner self, which will provide the drive and determination to pursue personal growth despite the odds along the way. You can start with simple meditation techniques on your spare time. Within our minds lies our greatest treasure – our inner selves. Harness it today and become happier, healthier and humbler in the face of the universe and of life.