Shopping for Heart Healthy Food on a Budget

There are many who believe the fiction that it costs too much to buy and prepare nutritious food. The truth is that eating healthy on a budget is very possible if you shop wisely. Heart healthy food is necessary to prevent child obesity.

The legend was put to the test not long ago by a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. It was proven at the check register that it is just a little cheaper to purchase healthy choices.

There are a lot of popular brands that promote their product as “heart healthy food” and charge a little more. You can, however, still find similar products to help you meet your goals to prevent child obesity in your family and save money at the check stand.

Here are some smart ideas to help economize while eating healthy on a budget in this tough economy.

1. Compare similar products using price and the Nutrition Facts Label. Some name brands products offer the same nutritional benefits as the ones which are store brands.

2. Check the price tag and the Nutrition Facts Label on the back of each product. Then choose the one with the highest nutritional content and lower cost. It’s very important to prepare heart healthy food in order to prevent child obesity.

3. Check the price of each unit and buy healthy food items in larger quantities. Oftentimes buying items in larger quantities will save you money. You should only do this with food products that you use a lot. Be careful not to over buy.

4. Take advantage of in-season produce. Fruits and vegetables that are in-season often cost less. You can find organic produce at the farmer’s market which shouldn’t be any more expensive than what you find at the grocery store.

Oftentimes these products will be fresher and more nutritious. Keeping fresh fruits and vegetables on hand will help you to encourage your family to eat healthy snacks. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help your family prevent child obesity.

5. Check to be sure the fruits and vegetables are in good condition. Small cuts on the fruits or even bruises caused by improper handling will promote spoilage. Inspect every fruit and vegetable piece before you buy so that you won’t waste money by having to discard food that spoils prematurely.

A healthy diet is a must in preventing childhood obesity in your home. You can keep you family eating healthy on a budget if you properly prepare before going shopping. Having a shopping list and being selective in your choices are the important things that you have to remember in order to economize on heart healthy food and prevent child obesity in your family.

All the best to you and your family,

Ed Güereña