Power Protein Diet For Weight Loss – Step by Step Diet For Individual Weight Resolution

The power protein or protein power diet has been a very popular diet for people wanting to know specific guidelines for protein and carbohydrate consumption. A high protein diet will always benefit people looking to loose weight as it is vital for our recovery and building of muscle to help burn even more fat.

Power Protein Diet Food Guide

There are not too many restrictions with the power protein diet only that carbohydrates are carefully monitored and its recommended that people eat around 7-10 grams of effective carbohydrate count for every meal or snack they eat.

Effective carbohydrate count refers to the amount of carbs that your body can use for fuel or energy. Remember this does not include fiber as it simply passes through the body helping the digestive system along the way.

There are no real restrictions on the types of carbohydrates you stick to and nothing is mentioned of low glycemic index so you can enjoy your carbohydrates in small portions until you have reached the 7 – 10 gram ECC.

The main aim is to eat adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrates at every meal while maintaining a low carbohydrate intake and a moderate to high protein intake.

Protein Power Diet Phases

There are 3 phases of the diet these are:

– Intervention

– Transition

– Maintenance

It basically starts off with a low carbohydrate phase and as you move into the transition stage individuals can assess how well they tolerate carbs and get the most weight loss and then towards the last phase maintenance a maintenance carbohydrate intake is maintained to encourage weight loss and positive well being.