Penis Exercises Success Story – 7 Amazing Things That Happened After Exercising My Manhood

If you have been thinking about exercising your penis and have been looking for a penis exercise success story, then this article is for you! I’m going to talk about 7 pretty awesome things I experienced after successfully completing a penis exercise program. If you want to learn more, continue reading…

Before I Talk About The Good Stuff, Here’s A Little Bit Of The Bad…

I didn’t start off exercising my manhood. I actually started off using pills and pumps to try to enlarge my size. Neither of those things worked, I ended up causing pain on my manhood, and I suffered from side-effects. To make matters worse… I didn’t even get any significant results!

Now, after doing penis exercises, I began really getting into the male enhancement industry. And after further analysis, I realized that majority of the methods out there are nothing more than ineffective, dangerous, very over-priced, and worthless methods that don’t produce significant and/or permanent results.

So, the best bit of advice I can give you is to make sure that you stay natural with increasing your penis size. Staying natural pays off… BIG TIME!

Here Are 7 Things That Happened As A Result Of Exercising My Manhood…

1. I now feel more confident in the bedroom. I remember feeling embarrassed and always wanting to turn the light off prior to intercourse. That was because I had a funny looking 5 1/2 inch erection. That size really isn’t THAT bad, but most women prefer around 7-9 inches fully erected. After doing natural penis exercises, I increased my fully erected penis size by 2 inches to reach 7 1/2 inches.

2. I’m able to do many sex positions comfortably. Before I was limited to just the basic sex positions. Now that I’m bigger, I can explore all kinds of interesting positions (like the one’s in adult films).

3. Besides having a small erection, another issue I dealt with was having a very small flaccid hanging size… which was probably around an inch or so… and that pretty much what made me the most embarrassed! After naturally increasing my size with exercises, my erection is not just bigger, I’m now also “well hung”.

4. My penis looks more attractive. What makes a penis look more attractive is one that is fully straight when erected, has a muscular look to it with veins, and of course, it has to be thick, long, and rock-hard.

5. My significant other is now going oral more often! I guess those researches were pretty accurate when they said that a higher percentage of women are more likely to go oral if a man has a large and attractive looking penis.

6. My manhood is enhanced in ALL AREAS. What does this mean? This means I increased length, I increased girth, my erections are firmer, I can now last up to 45 minutes with sex (which is pretty freaking amazing), I can now have multiple orgasms, and I even improved the overall health of my penis and prostate.

7. And finally, with choosing to go the natural route and performing these simple 6-10 minutes a day exercise routines, all the results I have gained are permanent. Also, there is no pain or side-effects as well.

Bottom line, it was a pretty wise decision for me to stay natural and exercise my manhood judging by those 7 things above. But make no mistake about it, it takes a great deal of consistency, dedication, and patience for this to work. If you decide to go this route, please take note of that, and also make sure you choose a reputable penis exercise program since not all of them contain all the most effective exercise routines.

Other than that, I hope this article has inspired you and gave you some clarity as to why it is very wise to go the natural route.