NWT health authority no longer providing free at-home Covid tests

The NWT Health and Social Services Authority says it will no longer be providing free rapid antigen at-home Covid-19 tests beginning next month.

In March 2022, the health minister announced rapid tests would be available for free at Northwest Company and Arctic Co-op stores across the NWT, as well as at some city facilities in Yellowknife.

In a public notice on Monday morning, the health authority said the need and demand for at-home testing has decreased. It said the current stock of free tests are set to expire next month and will not be restocked.

The authority said in-facility Covid-19 testing will still be available in the NWT but only when ordered by a healthcare professional.

“Covid-19 testing is only recommended when the result of a test will inform decisions about treatment or care,” the authority stated. “If you are generally in good health and are experiencing mild symptoms of Covid-19, you do not need to be tested.”



People can still purchase at-home Covid-19 tests online and they may be available for sale at local pharmacies.