Laughter: The Best Medicine

I am sure that, at least once, you have heard someone say that “laughter is the best medicine”. There is no opposing this statement because numerous studies and researches have shown that laughter in fact has a very good effect in the health of our body. It does not directly cure a disease like a medicine, but it does help in removing stress and various other negative unwanted effects, which in turn is helpful in avoiding or even curing various health problems.

Researches related to health have shown that laughter induces psychological changes in the body which shows improving effects on the health of a person. When a person laughs, a good benefit of it is that laughter decreases the production of stress related hormones, thus reducing the overall stress of the person. Laughter is known to create positive emotional states, which lightens the mental burden fixed on a person’s mind. This positive emotional state can easily cure depression. Hence, the fact that laughter helps us to cope up with challenges by creating a stress free mind. It helps us to access difficult situations without going through a lot of mental burden.

Laughter is also known to prevent or reduce the chances of many diseases. A good humorous person is known to have a stronger immune system, hence reducing the chances of sickness. It also prevents a lot of diseases which are mostly related to the heart. Laughter actually is able to improve the respiration process by helping a person acquire more air. Blood circulation is good due to this and a good blood pressure level is maintained. The heart and its valves become stronger and healthier. All this minimizes the chances of having heart diseases. Chances of having a heart attack and strokes are also automatically reduced.

Laughter can also be considered as a good exercise. Once someone begins to laugh, the benefits that it provides are equivalent to cardio workouts. Thus, laughter is also capable of burning extra calories which is always good for weight loss. The exercise also covers the facial muscles. It is able to relax the facial muscles which can be linked to enhancing the beauty of a person.

The other benefit which is linked with laughter is the production of pain killing endorphins. Laughter is actually known to increase the production of such endorphins, meaning that laughter can actually give a person more tolerance to pain. It also is an energy giving which makes people more active.

The benefits of laughter are many and so the laughter industry is quite popular. The benefits have been widely recognized and a thing like laughter therapy is there. People love to laugh and to make people laugh there are a whole range of products developed. Comedy movies and sitcoms on televisions are a hit due to their capability to make people laugh. Stand-up comedians are also there in clubs, restaurants, and with their own recorded shows because of the huge demand by the people for humorous materials. Jokes are frequently shared amongst friends and throughout the internet. The internet is also flooded with pictures like those of funny cats which are shared in social networks, blogs and in funny sites. Therefore, the sources of laughter are many.

So, do not get mad and instead start accessing those humorous materials to share a laugh or two. I am sure that when a small toddler laughs for no reason, you laugh as well; proving that it is not difficult to laugh. Everyone should laugh once in a while and the best thing about it is that it’s for free.