Jump Rope – A Great Cardio Exercise

Jump Rope Solutions to Heart Health

Jumping Rope is one of the best ways to get fast, effective cardio exercise. Not only can you perform the movement anywhere, results can be achieved in as little as a few minutes a day. Because your entire body is involved, along with co-ordination of all upper and lower limbs your cardio routine does not have to be long in duration at all.

Another bonus to consider is that because left and right sides of the upper and lower body are being trained and the action requires a focused approach, Jumping Rope can offer meditative qualities if you stick with it in your routine. Here are some pointers to get the most out of Jumping Rope.

1. Start easy, (just a few jumps will do) in-fact if you have not performed this movement before please check with your physician first as jumping rope can be intense if you go too hard too soon… so with that in mind…

2. Begin with one foot at a time rather than jumping two footed each time the rope comes around, this will save you energy and your legs. The technique is to lift the body from side to side slightly, just lifting your body over the rope (not way up in the air), bouncing like a boxer, conserving energy, trying to skip as efficiently as possible.

3. Use a timer – all athletes and coaches that use Jump Rope for a workout use counts of jumps or a timer. This is important because of repetitive impact movements, start with a small amount of time and double that for your rest period. For example, skip 30 seconds and recover for 60 seconds.

4. As your fitness and skill increase you can either increase the skip time or decrease the recovery time, after a few weeks you will be well on your way to a healthy heart and performing something like 8 rounds of 60 seconds skipping with 30 second recovery breaks. That means your entire cardio session will only take 12 Mins. Job done. Thanks.

4. Depending on your time restraints and fitness level you can perform as many intervals as you wish, due to the fast effective cardio workout you do not have to perform many ’bouts’ for excellent results. I recommend increasing the intensity of the skipping rather than the duration, many people in excellent shape and with great heart health only do 8-12 Minutes – that’s it – SHORT AND SHARP.

5. Because of the intensity of skipping your heart rate will elevate quickly, this is why most people get great results quickly. It also means you can skip to your hearts content for a short period of time, then stop and let your body and heart recover before repeating. This is a fantastic way to train for cardiovascular health, mimics real life situations and keeps work out time low.

6. If you lack time – just get in a few 30 second rounds – that is all you need to stimulate your cardio system. You can also use jump rope is an excellent way to warm up – just skip for 2 -3 minutes and job done, blood flowing, heart rate elevated, body warm.

7. Due to all the body being involved along with co-ordination many people think it is too difficult – trust me though – anyone can do this – it may take a little practice and once you get it – it works – fast. Jump Rope is a fantastic exercise for cardio vascular training and heart health. Even if you don’t know what your doing, you will soon get the hang of it – just jump and swing your arms! Easy.

8. Lacking motivation? Pump up the Music, get into a rhythm, try to find music that either gets you going or music that is in time with each jump, that way there are no excuses not to start! Starting is sometimes the hard part – once you get into the flow thou, you will quickly jump your way to fitness and fat-loss.

9. Have a basic goal on the day you skip to try and improve your last performance – either timed or the number of jumps… starting with the number is great, just keep going each day until you beat the last number, soon you will not be able to count (you will lost count) so then switch to the timing method. remember what gets recorded gets done – so keep a mental or written record and go for it.

10. Jump Rope – Simple, easy, effective. Jump to a better heart, and healthier leaner lifestyle.

With Health and Energy