Is Stretch Exercising For You?

Stretch exercising can be very rewarding. Although this form of exercising doesn’t do much, if any thing, for the heart, it is very beneficial to other parts of the body. One great benefit of stretch exercising is you can do a complete day’s routine while at work even if you set at a desk all day. Stretching as it is also called is designed to extend the limbs and muscles to their fullest extent.

Here are some major benefits to Stretch

o Improve muscular balance and postural awareness
o Less joint wear and tear because of the increased quality and quantity of join synovial fluid.
o Increased blood supply and nutrients to muscles, tendons and joints
o Increased physical efficiency and performance of everyday tasks
o Increased neuro muscular coordination
o Decreased risk of low back, neck (headaches), elbow, and wrist pain
o Reduced stress
o Less fatigue through reduced muscular soreness
o Risk of injury is decreased
o Everyday life enjoyment is enhanced

Stretching coupled with mobility exercising, another good work place exercise will help you recover from muscle tightness and fatigue, and decrease the risk of overuse injuries due to sustained and repetitive movements doing the work day. Mobility exercise is the movement of different parts of the body and be done in place much like stretching. Something as simple as turning you head from side to side as looking in one direction and then in looking another direction can be very helpful and beneficial. There is a stretch, named the chin tuck stretch, that is said to be very important for relieving the symptoms of most peoples headaches.