Is EFT Working – How Do I Know?

You’ve been tapping for a while. You might have taken some workshops or read a lot of articles on Emotional Freedom Techniques and how to do it.

But, do you ever wonder if Emotional Freedom Techniques are really working?

With all this tapping (a client’s husband recently told me he calls it ‘slapping’!!!) how do we know EFT ‘works’?

In my work with my clients, I often ‘take them where they can’t go themselves.’ Then we use EFT to face and erase these dark places: our fears, past traumas, limiting beliefs and of course address the underlying causes of our emotional and physical problems.

But often clients want to know if EFT is working for them. And how do we know if we’re ‘doing EFT right?’

I know you also might be wondering if there are any signs that we are indeed making progress with this tapping method?

Use this simple checklist to see if EFT is working for you.

EFT is Working When:

* You feel more calm and grounded in your daily life

* You notice you’re more ‘going with the flow’ rather than fighting or struggling to make things happen

* You have overcome or eliminated or significantly reduced your ‘chief complaint’ (ie: the main problem/issue/condition you originally sought help for.)

* You are less reactive to things that used to bother you and more responsive

* You’re reaching your goals (financial, professional, relationship, health) that you desire

* Other maladies are clearing up ‘on their own’ ie: food allergies, sleep problems, tiredness, etc.

Emotional Freedom Techniques have a high success rate.


No one can refute that with the overwhelming amount of research and proof that pours in daily from around the globe.

And yet, EFT isn’t a magic pill. Training is required and professional help is highly recommended.

Emotional Freedom Techniques has transformed my life and the lives of my clients. But sometimes it can be difficult to slay our own dragons all by ourselves.

If you are ready to remove the blocks that hold you back, I encourage you to consider one on one EFT sessions with an EFT Practitioner so you can get the results you deserve.