How to Get a Big Penis by Exercising it 3 – 5 Days a Week

Many men have figured out that exercising the penis is the best and most legit way for how to get a big penis. But the confusion seems to come around how often you need to do the exercises.

Some men get obsessed and too excited at the idea that exercising actually works, so they start doing the exercises up to two, sometimes three times a day! This is actually detrimental to growth.

You see, if you are exercising too often you are going to limit your growth and likely will prevent it from happening. You need recovery time in between workouts in order for your growth to occur.

Think of it this way, the growth process won’t occur during the actually exercise, rather the exercising will be the stimulus and the added size will appear during rest and recovery.

Rest and recovery between workouts is very important.

So here’s the bottom line on how to get a big penis:

Do NOT exercise it more than 5 times a week. You can go Monday through Friday and take the weekend off, or exercise it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday plus the weekend.

Now while the 5 time a week protocol is the standard, consider exercising only 3 or 4 times a week if you are not experiencing gains. Some guys actually require extra rest time for added growth to occur.

Do NOT exercise more if you are not experiencing gains from 5 times a week! This is a common mistake when learning how to get a big penis through exercise methods. It is likely you need to spend LESS time exercising, rather than more time. This way you will ensure the proper recovery will be had so that major growth can occur.