Get a Good Night of Sleep With Auto Circadian Meditation

Auto circadian meditation can help if you have problems sleeping. Many people use auto circadian meditation to get a better night of sleep, and also to curb bad habits like smoking and overeating. This is a more advanced form of meditation, and requires practice in order to fully master it. However, anyone can use auto circadian meditation to have more control over their daily lives.

Why You Can’t Sleep

Auto circadian meditation is based on the study of the 24 hour internal cycle of the body. The word ‘circadian’ comes from two different Latin words meaning ‘around’ and ‘day’. So circadian refers to the 24 hour internal clock that everyone has.

This clock is responsible for telling your body simple things like when it should be hungry or tired, so when this clock can’t function properly, your whole body gets thrown off track. This usually happens when you make big changes to your regular schedule.

For example, if you stay up all night, your internal clock doesn’t understand why. Changing your schedule like this once in a while is okay, because your internal clock will eventually reset itself. However, if you keep your internal clock is off its natural schedule for any extended period of time, your biorhythms won’t go back to normal so easily. This can ultimately cause sleep problems like the inability to fall asleep right away and even insomnia.

Some people don’t have a choice about when they sleep. If you work the night shift, or if your job has you traveling across time zones, your biorhythms will constantly be out of whack. Even working long hours and staying awake with caffeine will upset your biological clock to some degree. If these are circumstances that you can’t change, then auto circadian meditation may help.

How Auto Circadian Meditation Can Help

Now that you understand what circadian means, you may also now understand that meditation can be used to reset your internal clock so that you can get a good night of sleep. Since most of us take our biorhythm system or internal clock for granted, it takes meditation to really dig deep and become aware of what our body is telling us. On a regular schedule, most of us know when we are tired or hungry, but if you are using external prompts like an alarm clock to wake up and caffeine to stay awake longer, then your biorhythms will never function right.

Since you probably can’t stop working or raising a family, your internal clock and natural biorhythms will be constantly overruled by your unpredictable schedule. Auto circadian meditation will get you in touch with your internal clock so that you communicate with your subconscious and in turn, manage your internal clock. This is a meditation technique that connects all aspects of your being – including the body, the mind and the soul.

Auto circadian meditation works by keeping you in the present moment. Staying in the present lets you focus on your breathing and other subconscious bodily functions like your biorhythms or your internal clock. As odd as it sounds, auto circadian meditation will let you get in touch with the biorhythms that make you sleepy and hungry, so that that you can reprogram them.