Float Therapy & Lyme Disease A Natural Treatment

Floatation therapy has been used for years as a way to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. However, float therapy can be used as an alternative medicine to help with a number of physical ailments and diseases. Lyme disease is one such illness in which float therapy can be extremely beneficial.

What is Float Therapy?

Float therapy, also known as sensory deprivation or floating in an isolation chamber, involves floating in a sensory reduced environment. This is usually achieved by being placed in a light and soundproof float pod, chamber, or tank. The body is then allowed to float in 6 to 12 inches of skin temperature water that has been saturated with 1000 pounds of Epsom salt. The saltwater solution is supersaturated with Sulfate Magnesium, which allows the body to float effortlessly. Not only is the tank is the ideal for weightless pain relief, but the lack of stimulation is the perfect environment to clear the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

Float Therapy & The Herxheimer Reaction

Chronic sufferers of Lyme disease are often plagued with a condition, known as a Herxheimer Reaction. A herx reaction occurs after the body has killed a large amount of the bacteria that causes the disease.

The cells of these disease-causing bacteria release endotoxins during the destruction process, which often increase the symptoms of Lyme disease and leave the sufferer in a debilitating physical and mental state.

The body naturally excretes these toxins through the skin in a process that is initiated by magnesium. This is why Epsom salt baths are often recommended to those who suffer from Lyme disease.

Floating in large quantities of Epsom salt i.e. Sulfate Magnesium can help rid these toxins from their bodies. During a float therapy session, the body floats in a water solution that is heavily saturated with magnesium sulfate. These sulfates are then absorbed into the body through the skin and increase the liver’s ability to rid the body of toxins.

Other Benefits of Float Therapy for Lyme Disease Sufferers

Float therapy can help those with Lyme disease experience less herx reactions by aiding the liver in eliminating endotoxins from the body. However, there are other benefits that can be gained with floatation therapy.

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Overcome depression
  • Soothe sore muscles and body aches
  • Relieve swelling

If you or someone you love suffers from Lyme disease, why not give floating in an isolation tank a try. Not only can floatation therapy help with the symptoms of Lyme disease, it can also increase circulation, promote relaxation, and reduce stress. For more information about floating visit our website at http://www.resetmindbody.com.