Enzyme Nutrition – The Key to Longevity

Enzymes are long-chain proteins held together in very specific shapes by hydrogen bonds, like a ball of string which is held in a very particular shape by tiny strips of Velcro. If anything happens to the Velcro-like bonds, the enzyme protein unravels, losing its shape. Without the shape, the key can no longer fit the lock. Then it’s no longer an enzyme – just another foreign protein.

What do foreign proteins cause in our body? Right – inflammation. Immune response. And that’s exactly the meaning of auto-immune. The body now attacks itself because it senses there’s an alien on board. Self confronted with not-self.

If the bonds are broken, the enzyme collapses, and can no longer do its specific job. Such a collapsed enzyme is said to be denatured. Several events cause an enzyme to become denatured:

– heating above 118 F (cooking)
– drugs
– alcohol
– fluoride
– free radicals
– food processing
– canning
– irradiation

Virtually all processed foods contain abundance of denatured, allergenic enzymes. The majority of allergy today can be traced directly to processed food intoxication. Food allergy.

What destroys milk is civilization: killing the enzymes by heat, adding antibiotics and hormones to the cows’ diet, keeping the cows in a mineral deficient environment, and artificially preparing it for long periods of storage. (Price)


Now most of us know what we should eat. But when it actually comes down to it, which it does several times a day, many of us simply eat food that we’re “hungry for.” We are constantly assaulted with? Images of burgers, fries, ice cream, chips, Pepsi, candy, donuts, milk, cheese, MGD, etc. Just hearing these words makes our Pavlovian mouths water. These are the best poisons ever made. Not only do they contain little or no nutrient content; even if they did there’s almost no chance of our getting to it because these foods have no enzymes in them. All those were taken out during processing. Therefore the entire burden of digestion is placed on our body’s own enzymes. Foods are being broken down only partially, or not at all, by our own digestive enzymes, because many foods are so foreign, so processed, have so many chemicals and preservatives, and are so new to the human race that they overstress our body’s ability to metabolize them.

Natural and raw foods contain nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Processed food can be described as devitalized – not much in there we can use. The ‘foods of commerce’ are made to be sold, to last on the shelf a long time. This has nothing to do with human nutrition.


So what happens to all this undigested food? Where does it go? Well, what happens is, a lot goes in, but never comes out. A little vague? The average 35 year old has between 4-22 lbs of undigested food in the intestine alone, even according to the FDA.

As noted above, this rotting debris doesn’t just stay in the intestine, but can make its way intact into the bloodstream, to be deposited in practically any location of the body. Such food is foreign and may cause inflammation in any area where it becomes lodged.