EFT Versus TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) – What Is Better?

To answer the question immediately – both! EFT as well as TAT produce miraculous results if applied correctly. Depending on the situation and the type of person one works sometimes better than the other.

It is, for example, very difficult to be successful with EFT when you don’t feel the emotions and sensations in the incidents you try to alleviate, especially when you treat yourself. In such a case TAT can be very helpful because it works very well even if you don’t feel anything from the incident at all. You are just supposed to make an intention and therefore don’t need to feel the emotions. You don’t even necessarily have to remember an incident to heal it.

Just as an illustration: I used Tapas’ allergy program. In that program I was supposed to use the technique on the first ten allergic reactions I experienced in this life. I would have been in quite a fix if I would have tried that with EFT. Not only that I could not remember the details, but I rather didn’t remember the incidents at all. Fully relying on Tapas’ words, I simply treated the incidents. One every day, often without having the slightest idea what it was about I was working on. When I was done with all of them, I was very amazed when I detected that I really felt different. Even my appearance had changed. My eyes seemed to be more clear and I felt more present. I had a distinct feeling of inner peace and I regained my relationship with God.

On the other hand, when I was in the middle of some trouble, like having strained my neck or having a jelly fish sting, then EFT was the method of my choice. It reduced the discomfort or, properly speaking, pain reliably in such a short period of time even though, or rather because, I felt so agitated. On the whole I found that EFT worked fast and thoroughly in situations of emergency.

In general I use to start with EFT because you don’t have to care for time limitations with this technique. You can just take up every upcoming aspect as often as you like. Whereas you should stick to Tapas’ advice to stay only 20-40 minutes in the TAT pose per day. I first ignored this recommendation and then paid for my arrogance with having headaches for two days.

So if you want to be well prepared, you should of course know and use both techniques.