EFT and My Diary

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a fabulous adjunct to whatever form of self-cultivation or reflection you presently practice. Diary writing or journaling is often an effective tool for tracking one’s feelings. This article is geared to the seasoned diary writer interested in adding mileage to the diary experience. Ideally, tapping is used to align past incidents with feelings of peace and possibility. The following techniques go a long way toward making this happen.

* Tap Best Events:

* Tap Most Recent Events:

* Tap Gratitude:

* Tap Movie:

* Tap as you Write:

Tap Best Events: Want more of those high points in your life? Tap through those high points you’ve recorded in your diary. Focus in your mind with great clarity all that you liked about the event(s) you’re tapping It doesn’t really matter which points you tap, but then again it may. You may find a particular point more responsive than others. That’s fine. Just focus a little more on that point.

Tap Most Recent Event: Tap on recent events that have gotten your goat. You may find that by clearing them you uncover recurrent patterns of reaction, perception, and behavior that you can begin to rewire through your work. You may try a phrase “Even though this happened and it really embarrassed me, I deeply forgive myself and the others involved” or you may try “even though I’ve found myself to repeat this perception, I valiantly choose to alter this viewpoint with joy and fuzzies.” You can make it serious or ridiculous. It doesn’t matter so long as you get movement.

Tap Gratitutde: EFT Master Carol Look is a huge proponent of tapping gratitude for elevating one’s vibration. Those of you exposed to the buzz of The Secret may know that it is simply another discussion on the Law of Attraction. Though this discussion has held sway in spiritual circles, at least some physicists have joined the discussion. Since Transcendental Meditation founder Maharishi was a physicist, I’ve got to admit to taking this perspective as a matter of course. In any case, the masters of manifestation hold that gratitude is one of the most powerful energy forces for attracting what you want. Going through your diary and tapping on every cotton-pickin’ thing you’re truly grateful for will give you a great opportunity to put the Laws of Attraction to the test.

Tap Movie: Many of you who have had the opportunity to work with me, know the power of the Movie Technique for clearing trauma. Pick your incident. Take your compulsory 1-10 reading. Choose a title and actors. Many people have trouble thinking up actors. Just make it up, but do try to make up actors because part of the exercise is intended to disassociate the trauma from one’s present awareness. Run the movie, scene by scene, checking in occasionally to see what your 1-10 reading is.

Tap as you Write: Tap before you write, tap as you write. You may find your feelings changing from sentence to sentence. You can tap something vague like “these feelings”, less vague “these feelings of anger” or something quite specific like, “this red-hot rage of Rasputin.” Have as much fun with the process as you want.