Cycles of Depression – Disguises Itself As an Emptiness During the Ascension Process – Part 3

The ascension process can be challenging, because it creates a kind of depression that is like being trapped in your cocoon, not knowing where you are going or what you will turn out like. It is a feeling of being lost, alone and a feeling of hopelessness in a deep dark cocoon. It is the transmutation stage from going from one state of being to another.

To address and solve your issue problems and challenges can be broken down into 4 categories.

1. Depression Disguises Itself
2. Empty Feeling of Nothingness
3. Final Release and Ultimate Surrender
4. Medication Puts You into a Tail-Spin

Let’s take a look at each category.

1. Depression Disguises Itself – A mental or physical depression feels very superficial and egotistical and because depression is such an insidious energy it masquerades itself as many emotional moods and physical conditions. Depression and overwhelm accumulates over lifetimes and through the journey of evolution of self and the ascension process unfolds this build up. Spiritual depression has nothing to do with mental imbalance or emotional manipulation and it can surface at anytime of your life when you, at your core are ready to begin your awakening process. Spiritual depression can hit when you are a child or a teenager and this issue can reflect within many teenager violence and suicide incidents. Sometimes this energy can lurk under the surface disguising itself and masquerading itself through other physical activities and may hit at menopause and this can be confusing due to today’s conflicting fast lifestyle especially if abuse is involved.

2. Empty Feeling of Nothingness – Spiritual depression is where you have such a deep empty feeling that you have woven your web into such a tight cocoon that you think you can’t get out of that nothingness. In this state you can’t talk about yourself, you actually loathe yourself and you can go into deeper hiding. Because you feel that you have been abandoned and betrayed by spirit, you feel so flat, alone and shut down. Everybody you know can’t help or support you because they are at a similar level of consciousness to what you are leaving behind so you feel that there is nothing left in life. The loss of your passion and drive is the death of your identity story, of who you think you are. It may feel that you want a physical death, but in fact ascension is a natural process of letting go of your story, not just in this lifetime, but for all of your lifetimes.

3. Final Release and Ultimate Surrender – Why does the ascension process seem so difficult and why do you have to have the lows to discover the highs? Humanity holds onto beliefs that life should be hard, with lots of struggles and suffering to appease a false god and in doing so, that statement ‘No Pain-No Gain’ reflects that belief. Change doesn’t have to be that way, it doesn’t have to be difficult and brutal or a cruel way to go through ascension, but until mass consciousness can release such beliefs, and get out of their locked-in perceptions, change will always be tough. Look at the affairs of the world and you will see that often change brings destruction – the releasing of the old for the birth of the new. Humanity is living out what they believe in. Energy responds to consciousness! Humanity still lives with rules and toolbars stating that you have to be harsh and strong to get others to learn and be good, otherwise punishment is enforced, so they give themselves the hardest and the biggest crowbar to dig themselves out of that human condition. The lowest of the low, and the worst of the worst is felt in the ‘black night of the soul’, your spiritual depression is the final release and the ultimate surrender of your identity story. It is a natural part of the awakening process of ascension.

4. Medication Puts You into a Tail-Spin – Medication cannot help a spiritual condition, it has a band-aid short term affect, but it creates a bigger problem when you come to re-address your depression later. It flat lines a natural process of the cycle patterns of ups and downs. Medication suffocates and separates your spirit self from your physical self, because the related wave form, the energy cycle that is not obvious to the conscious mind is the antithesis of the depression, it is a wave form on the non-physical realms that is no longer in balance with your physical self. It is cut-off your energy so your spiritual energy doesn’t have a corresponding partner on earth.

Medication makes you feel better for a moment, but in the long run you get into a tail-spin of repetitive victim cycles when you go ‘cold-turkey’ and during or after medication there is a danger of suicide or the mind hungers so much for these highly addictive drugs that only feeds and creates an emotional imbalance. These social quick-fixes along with your expectations create a monster in your ascension journey.