Can You Stay Healthy on a Raw Vegan Diet?

In the beginning…

First they started advocating to the world not to eat animal products but still they ate eggs, poultry products and honey. They called themselves, vegetarians. Some of these people did not stop there, they raised the level and started advocating not to eat eggs, milk, honey and cheese. They called themselves vegans. If the vegetarians where a little loose, these vegans where stricter. Vegans did just not limit themselves on a diet but also went further to have a lifestyle and a more passionate advocacy. They stood up against animal rights, the environment, human health, spiritual and religious issues. They also excluded everything that uses animals for clothing and other purposes. They also focused on issues such as factory farming and animal testing.

However the story does not end there. The vegans still raised upped the ante, they brought it to the next level. They are now eating food raw and organic. The vegans call it the raw vegan diet or the raw food diet. And if you think they are crazy, then just look at this list of the celebrities who advocate it.

Sting from the band The Police, actress Angela Bassett, actor Woody Harrelson, David Bowie, actress Lisa Bonet, actor Robin Williams, designer Donna Karan, actress Alicia Silverstone, Chef Charlie Trotter, Canadian rocker Bif Naked, socialite Nicole Richie, nutritionist David Wolfe and actress Demi Moore.

So what makes raw food diet tick? Raw food diet is very healthy because it energizes the body, helps those who suffer migraines, eliminates toxins, prevent cancer, and has a stabilizing effect on body weight which reduces fat. Raw food diet lowers the risk of colon cancer, prostrate cancer, heart attack, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and strokes. Raw food digest pretty well ,so a persons body has no acid, bile or residual effects of digestion that is felt with a cooked food diet. Raw food creates perfect nutrition without any fat production.

Raw food diet is organic because the diet does not include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes that where expose to pesticides and other chemicals. It is raw because it does not eat foods that have been processed and preservatives .It does not cook food. If food is heated, it is not suppose to go over 112 degrees Fahrenheit so that the enzymes that are found in the plant’s cell structure will be preserved.

So our story ends here. The story about vegetarians and vegans. The story about their raw food diet, why it is healthy, why it is raw and organic. Our story, this article ends here. The end.

Have an amazing day everybody!