Basic Steps to Your Emotional Freedom – EFT Techniques

The emotional freedom technique, which is popularly known as EFT, is a psychological acupressure technique that is also described as acupuncture without needles. This form of alternative healing is based on the presumption that emotional health is absolutely essential to an individual’s health and healing. In other words, EFT helps people get rid of emotional barriers (known or unknown) so that ideal body healing can be experienced.

One of the best things about EFT is that it is a completely safe and easy-to-practice form of healing that can be exercised by one and all, without any side effect. Emotional freedom techniques can be highly beneficial for removing negative emotions, implementing positive goals, and reducing or eliminating pain.

This form of psychological acupressure is focused on the same meridians that were and are used during the performance of traditional acupuncture for getting rid of emotional and physical ailments. However, EFT does not involve use of needles (as used in traditional acupuncture) and it is all about simple tapping on energy meridians with the fingertips.

The purpose of tapping in EFT is to input kinetic energy onto the body meridians of the body while thinking about specific problem and feeding positive affirmations for the conscious and sub-conscious mind. EFT is very useful for restoring the natural and normal balance of the body and the mind that are essential for promoting the sense of well being, realize the goals of life, and treating physical or emotional complications.

It is worthwhile to note that EFT can be performed by an individual himself after learning the technique of tapping and complementing taps with positive affirmations from an expert EFT practitioner after root cause of the problem has been accurately identified. Moreover, the individual should not worry about being absolutely precise with tapping the correct area (when doing EFT on his own) because tapping the general area is sufficient to bring favorable results. Moreover, tapping has to be performed using the index finger and the middle finger and only one hand (right hand or left hand). Switching sides during EFT does not bring any undesirable effect and the same benefits can be expected and experienced. It is very important for an individual to remove bracelets and watch as such accessories can interfere with meridian tapping.

All in all, emotional freedom technique or EFT is a safe form of alternative healing that can be used to treat almost every disease or complication.