Annual ‘Healthy Kids Day’ promotes healthy lifestyle for children

WESTON, Wis. (WSAW) – It is important to get your kids active at a young age. That’s the purpose behind ‘Healthy Kids Day.’ It is a national event held at every YMCA throughout the country. This year — the Woodson YMCA welcomed 400 families for a Saturday filled with fun activities.

The annual event brings in organizations from our area to help promote a healthy lifestyle for kids at a young age.

“If you get active at a young age, it’s something that continues to stay with you as you continue to grow and get older. An event like this is a nice spot to find those resources,” Haley Houghton, youth and family program director for the Woodson YMCA, said.

The event is a way for families to bring their kids out to get them interested in new activities.

Parents also play a crucial role in making sure their kids are living a healthy lifestyle.

“(It is) important role models (are) demonstrating what a healthy practice looks like,” Houghton said.

Having events like this is another way to bring families together.

“If you’re not familiar with some of them, then you might find something you like. As a family, you might find something that you can all do together,” said Erin Siewert from Rothschild.

This is the 32nd annual Healthy Kids Day event.