Advantages of a Freelance Career Shouldn’t Exclude Affordable Dental Care

Freelancers of all professions have a freedom that many in corporate America envy.

But, the envied quickly become the envious when faced with rising dental care costs and limited access to dental insurance plans comparable to those offered by larger companies.

In today’s economy, many freelancers are finding it more and more difficult to pay out-of-pocket for dental checkups, cleanings and procedures.

While some have opted for the freelance lifestyle, others have been forced to adapt a freelance lifestyle due to recent layoffs at their 9 to 5 jobs.

The nation’s unemployment rate has risen to 6.7%, with 2.7 million jobs lost in 2008 and a half-million jobs lost in November alone.

Unfortunately, along with being your own boss also comes being your own HR manager – leaving most freelancers to fend for themselves (and for some, their families too) for health and dental coverage.

According to recent surveys, 39 percent of freelancers have experienced gaps in insurance coverage. Throw an unexpected root canal or tooth extraction into the mix, and a great smile can quickly turn into a great financial burden.

But there is a dental care savings solution that is readily available, with no health restrictions and an accessible yearly membership fee.

As many have already found, discount dental plans are an alternative to dental insurance – allowing freelancers to save valuable money at the dentist without hopping on the corporate ladder., the discount dental plan industry leader, gives its members the freedom to choose from more than 30 discount dental plans. These plans are available for both individuals and families and individual plans start at just $79.95 per year.