Acai Berry Prevents Bipolar Disorder? How Acai Helps

The acai Berry has gained popularity because of the impressive health benefits it can provide you. This berry is a small fruit that is found in the Amazon Rainforest. Research on this fruit found out that it contains a high dosage of antioxidants. This fruit bears essential fatty acids (EFA), which are good fats that are needed by the body and bring about good health.

There is a startling discovery about this fruit. It was found out that it actually helps in reducing the chances of you suffering from bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition where the person with this kind of disorder has abnormal mood swings; the mood shifts from one state of depression to a state of happiness. Although these moods happen alternately, this may also occur at the same time.

Bipolar disorder usually happens because of a damaged nerve cell, making it difficult to transmit correct information to the brain. This can also be caused by insufficient amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. When this kind of nutrient is lacking in the brain, the tendency is that the brain will not be able to function properly. This results to a psychiatric disorder like the bipolar disorder.

With the consumption of the Acai Berry the occurrence of bipolar disorder is lessened. How does this berry work its wonders on the people who are suffering from this disorder? Due to the antioxidants and EFA found in this fruit, it assists the brain to function normally and properly. Also, these same nutrients help renew the nerve cells and repair them.

It was found out that by regularly taking in the Acai berry, these people has shown considerable improvements in their health.