5 Home Remedies For Depression You May Not Know About, But Should!

Depression is a serious condition and we highly recommend seeking professional advice. Remember that drugs are not the only thing that can alter mood. Food, herbs, activity, spiritual faith and even music are all examples of things that have significant effects on how you feel. Here are 5 natural treatments that you may not be aware are useful when fighting depression, but are.

5 Home Remedies for Depression you may not know about, but should

  1. Caffeine. It may surprise you that caffeine is here. Many will tell you that it can actually increase depression. It is true that if you over due caffeine that it will have the effect of increasing depressed feelings. Still, many find that a couple of cups of coffee a day helps give them a lift that aids in keeping the blues at bay. If you want to have some caffeine throughout the day switch to green tea. It has half the amount of caffeine found in coffee and comes packed with nutritional benefits
  2. Help from the Sea. Start including more deep sea cold water fish as part of your regular diet. Many of us fail to get important nutrients in our daily diets. Omega 3 essential oils is one those important nutrients lacking in many weekly meal plans. Salmon, sardines and mackerel are some of the fish from the sea that have the highest amounts of omega 3`s which studies have shown to be effective in lifting mood. Of course you can supplement and should, but be sure to eat more of the suggested foods as well, for best results.
  3. Herbal treatments can be very useful against depression. Lemon balm helps calm physical tension. Skullcap can help ease a panic attack and St Johns Wort can help ease mental or emotional stress or sadness. These can each be taken as an infusion 3 – 4 times a day as one of your home remedies for depression, but use only the one that is most suited for your particular situation. Be sure to talk to your herbalist or health care practitioner about the proper use of these herbs. If under a doctors care be sure to speak to him or her before using, especially if on any medications.
  4. Get the Sleep you need. Many of us get far too little sleep. Study after study shows that we need a minimum of six to nine hours sleep. For most, 7 – 8 hours is best. Take the time to get enough sleep or you will suffer consequences, one of which may be depression. In addition to sleeping at night, you may also want to consider an afternoon nap. While not possible for all, for those that can this is a helpful remedy against depression by ensuring proper sleep.
  5. Important Minerals. Low levels of folic acid and selenium have also been linked to many suffering extended bouts of sadness and depression. One study found that by adding foods high in these nutrients significantly raised moods making them useful as one of your home remedies for depression. 1/2 to 1 cup of spinach along with other dark greens are good sources of folic acid. Fish, such as Tuna are also good sources of selenium. You can supplement, but for best results include the recommended food along with supplementing.

The author is not a Doctor and has no medical training. Always consult your health care professional before using these or any home remedies or natural cures.