22 Best Movies About Mental Illness

The newest movie on this list, The King of Staten Island follows a recent pattern of movies directed by Judd Apatow, in which he allows his lead actor to co-write the movie in order to tell (some version of) their own story. The King of Staten Island, then, follows many of the same beats as star Pete Davidson’s life. He plays a kid from, yes, Staten Island, who’s lost his father at a young age, and has grown up his entire life with depression and a diagnosis with bipolar disorder.

The movie shows the beats of Davidson’s character’s life, and also shows how his own life intersects with those around him, including his mother (Marissa Tomei), sister (Maude Apatow), friends, and mother’s boyfriend (Bill Burr). The movie is funny in many of the ways you’d expect from Apatow and Davidson, but even more manages to tell a great story with a really big heart.

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